What happened to Bruce Dern?

What happened to Bruce Dern?

Hollywood actor Bruce Dern is recovering after suffering a fall while on a jog in Los Angeles. The 82-year-old star of films including Coming Home, Nebraska and The Hateful Eight left hospital on Friday after injuring himself earlier that day.

Is Bruce Dern related to Laura Dern?

Bruce Dern and Diane Ladd are Laura Dern’s parents Laura Dern was actually conceived while her parents were filming the movie The Wild Angels, but only two years after Laura’s birth in 1967, Bruce Dern and Diane Ladd got a divorce. A young Laura was then mainly brought up by her mother and grandmother in California.

How old is Bruce Dern now?

85 years (June 4, 1936)
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What was Bruce Dern been in?

He was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for Coming Home and the Academy Award for Best Actor for Nebraska. Other films including Silent Running, The Cowboys, Posse, Family Plot, Black Sunday, Tattoo, The Hateful Eight, and The Artist’s Wife.

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Where did Bruce Dern film his death scene?

Before filming his death scene, Wayne warned Dern, “America will hate you for this,” to which Dern replied, “Yeah, but they’ll love me in Berkeley .” Dern filmed his scenes in The Cowboys whilst also filming his lead role in Douglas Trumbull ‘s ecological science-fiction film Silent Running (1972).

Who was Bruce Dern in the movie Wild River?

Dern appeared in an uncredited role in Wild River as Jack Roper, who is so upset with his friend for hitting a woman that he punches himself. He played the sailor in a few flashbacks with Marnie’s mother in Alfred Hitchcock’s Marnie.