What happened Raghib Ismail?

What happened Raghib Ismail?

Raghib Ismail’s series of failures Ismail had an incredible football career full of twists and turns, but his retirement has been just as intense. Not one to stay stationary, Ismail has spent the years since he retired in 2003 involved in one business venture after another, reports Business Insider.

What was Rocket Ismail 40 time?

4.28 seconds
Raghib Ismail/40 yard dash time

Who is Ishmael’s brother?

Sulaiman “The Bomb” Ismail
Sulaiman “The Bomb” Ismail is a former professional American Football player, and the younger brother of Raghib “The Rocket” Ismail and Qadry “The Missile” Ismail. He played collegiately as a walk-on at the University of Texas-El Paso in 1995.

Who did Qadry Ismail play for?

Qadry “The Missile” Ismail (born November 8, 1970 in Newark, New Jersey) is a former National Football League wide receiver for the Minnesota Vikings, Green Bay Packers, Miami Dolphins, New Orleans Saints, Baltimore Ravens, and the Indianapolis Colts in a 10 year career that lasted from 1993 to 2002.

Who is Raghib Ismail son playing football for?

As of the 2019 season, his son, Raghib “Rocket” Ismail Jr., plays for the University of Wyoming football team.

When did Rocket Ismail play for Notre Dame?

Rocket Ismail burst onto the scene for Notre Dame’s 1988 national title team as a true freshman, finished second in Heisman Trophy voting in 1990 and helped lead Notre Dame to a 33-4 record during his three seasons.

What was Rocket Ismail’s career high in receptions?

But Ismail was a rocket and a trailblazer; he straight up had a breakthrough and registered 69 receptions the year after. Not only that, but Rocket Ismail had eight touchdowns and one thousand and twenty-four yards receiving, which actually double his career-high.

How many children does Raghib the rocket have?

Ismail is the brother of Raghib “The Rocket” Ismail and Sulaiman “The Bomb” Ismail. He has three children Qalea, Qadry, and Qadir from his marriage to Holly Oslander Ismail. Ismail is a sports performance coach (Missile Training) at the Sports Factory in Bel Air, Maryland.