What engine does a DA20 have?

What engine does a DA20 have?

Aircraft engine
Diamond DA20 Katana/Engine types

Does Diamond still make the DA20?

The DA20 was originally introduced in 1992 and exists in two variants, is certified as a utility category aircraft and is popularly used for primary training with the ability to do spin training. The first brand new 2020 DA20-C1 were delivered in August 2020; Diamond is currently taking new orders for delivery in 2021.

How much does a DA20 cost?

Our innovative DNA is of course incorporated into the new aircraft, which showcases the latest Garmin avionics.” Retail price for US orders for a standard-equipped DA20-C1 start at $279,800.

Is the Diamond DA20 a light sport aircraft?

The Diamond DV20/DA20 Katana is an Austrian-designed two-seat tricycle gear general aviation light aircraft.

What kind of cockpit does Diamond DA20 have?

The DA20-C1 utility and trainer aircraft is provided with two glass cockpit options – Aspen EFD 1000 and Garmin G500. The aircraft can also be fitted with conventional flight instrumentation.

Is the diamond katana DA20 C1 a good aircraft?

The DA20’s graceful lines and sporty looks belie its utility and durability. An incredibly fun aircraft to fly, the DA20-C1 earns its stripes in worldwide high utilization flight training day in and day out. It has been the standard and sole US Airforce pilot candidate initial flight screening aircraft for the past decade.

What’s the empty weight of a Diamond DA20?

Diamond DA20 Series Aircraft Information. Diamond DA20 series seats two and is used as a civil aircraft, a military trainer, and for personal flying. The empty weight of the aircraft is 1,166 lb (529 kg) and the maximum takeoff weight is 1,764 lbs (800 kg).

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