What does World Vision Lesotho do?

What does World Vision Lesotho do?

We’re a global Christian humanitarian organization. We partner with children, families and their communities to help them reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice in Lesotho and making sure that all children: enjoy good health and nutrition.

What is the history of World Vision?

About World Vision Canada: Founded in 1957, World Vision Canada (WVC) is a Christian development, relief, and advocacy charity that helps communities, families, and children overcome poverty and injustice.

What industry is World Vision in?

World Vision International is an evangelical Christian humanitarian aid, development, and advocacy organization. It prefers to present itself as interdenominational and also employs staff from non-evangelical Christian denominations….World Vision International.

Founded 1950
Website www.wvi.org
Formerly called World Vision Inc.

Why do we need World Vision in Lesotho?

World Vision’s staff in Lesotho are asking us to join them in prayer for the following: Safety for children who have to go to work to help support their families. Children with disabilities who need special care that their parents can’t afford.

How is the World Bank working with Lesotho?

The World Bank Group (WBG) partnership with Lesotho is fully aligned with the country’s development vision articulated in Lesotho’s Vision 2020, and the second National Strategic Development Plan (NSDP II). The partnership is articulated in the WBG’s Country Partnership Framework (CPF) 2016-2020 and the 2019 Performance and Learning Review.

When did World Vision Lesotho start using cookies?

This site uses cookies to enhance the user experience. More info about cookies. World Vision Lesotho (WVL) was legally established in 1987, even though the Ministry dates as far back as 1976 when WV began child sponsorship in 2 primary schools under the auspices of WV South Africa.

What are the health challenges in Lesotho?

High HIV/AIDS prevalence and tuberculosis (TB) remain Lesotho’s greatest health challenges. The HIV prevalence rate in Lesotho is 25% in the adult population (15-49 years), the second highest in the world. The incidence of TB stands at 611 cases per 100,000, according to the World Health Organization’s Global TB Report 2019.