What does a exhaust back box do?

What does a exhaust back box do?

What does an exhaust back box do? The exhaust back box, which is a rear muffler, has the purpose to limit the sound generated by the gas as it passes through the exhaust system. It is located at the very end of the exhaust line and it is the most common muffler on cars.

Is a back box delete loud?

A mid box (resonator) or back box is for resonance only which means noise reduction only. Petrol vehicles benefit from leaving 1 box in place as no boxes make it very loud and raspy. Diesel engines sound good with no boxes in place as this gives a deeper noise to the exhaust tone.

Is a back box a silencer?

Tailpipe / Back Box At the rear of the car where the exhaust exits there will commonly be a back box silencer with a tailpipe, or tailpipes connected to it. This is often connected to the centre section via a sleeved fitting. The design and size of the tailpipes can alter the sound produced by the exhaust system.

How much bass does a ported subwoofer box produce?

Ported boxes have another set of challenges. The rate at which the bass rolls off on the lower frequencies is 24 dB/octave. This means they will limit the lower frequencies the enclosure can produce twice as fast as a sealed enclosure.

When to use a sealed subwoofer sound box?

This type of enclosure is usually used when you are trying to reproduce music very accurately at a moderate volume. Sealed enclosures are one of the most popular box designs for someone that is looking for very accurate sound reproduction. Sealed enclosures are usually used when you want loud music reproduction with very good cone control.

How does sound propagate acoustic decibel ( dB SPL )?

How Sound Propagates Acoustic Decibel (dB SPL) • In acoustics, the ratios most commonly encountered are changes in pressure level, measured in dB-SPL: • As distance from a sound source doubles , the dB-SPL decreases 6 dB (this is called dB-SPL = 20 log10(p/po) where po= 20 µµµµN/m2

What kind of speaker box does Walmart use?

Dual 12 Inch Car Audio Vented Sub Box Ported Stereo Single 12-Inch Ported Subwoofer Box Car Audio Stereo MTX TNP212D2 12″ 1200W Dual Loaded Car Subwoofer Aud GOLDWOOD TR8P Sealed Single Car Speaker Cabinet Box