What do we learn from Pritilata?

What do we learn from Pritilata?

We learn from Pritilata’s life that women can work like men . And women too need to be prepared to sacrifice their lives for the sake of their motherland.

What was the dream of Pritilata?

In her college days,Pritilata was an activist in the anti British movement. All through her life, she dreamt of two things: a society without gender discrimination, and her motherland without British colonial rule. So she received combat training to fight against the British rule.

When and where was Pritilata born?

May 5, 1911, Patiya Upazila, Bangladesh
Pritilata Waddedar/Born

What did Pritilata cherish in her mind?

She always cherished two dreams. Of course, she could have a comfortable life. But she always thought of the uplift of the women’s position and the freedom of the country.

Who is Pritilata Waddedar and what did she do?

(Photos: Wikimedia Commons; Designed by Gargi Singh) Pritilata Waddedar is not exactly a forgotten revolutionary. But then she is not that well known even in her native Bengal where she spent her short life actively waging war against British rule.

Who are the parents of Pritilata Waddedar of Chittagong?

Waddedar was a title conferred to an ancestor of the family who originally had the surname Dasgupta. Her father Jagabandhu Waddedar was a clerk in the Chittagong Municipality. Her mother Pratibhamayi Devi was a housewife. The couple had six children– Madhusduan, Pritilata, Kanaklata, Shantilata, Ashalata and Santosh. Pritilata was nicknamed Rani.

How many people were injured by Pritilata Waddedar?

Pritilata incurred a single bullet wound. According to the police report, in this attack, one woman with a surname of Sullivan died and four men and seven women were injured. In this place Pritilata committed suicide. Now there is a plaque in her memory An injured Pritilata was trapped by the British police.

How old was Pritilata when she was born?

Born to Jagadbandhu Waddedar and Pratibhamayi Devi in Chittagong (presently, in Bangladesh) on 5 th May 1911, one of their six children, from an early age, Pritilata was a meritorious student.