What are the Purkinje fibers and where are they located?

What are the Purkinje fibers and where are they located?

The Purkinje fibers (/pɜːrˈkɪndʒi/ pur-KIN-jee; Purkinje tissue or subendocardial branches) are located in the inner ventricular walls of the heart, just beneath the endocardium in a space called the subendocardium.

Where are Purkinje fibers located histology?

The purkinje fibres are found in the sub-endocardium. They are larger than cardiac muscle cells, but have fewer myofibrils, lots of glycogen and mitochondria, and no T-tubules. These cells are connected together by desmosomes and gap junctions, but not by intercalated discs.

Where are the Purkinje fibers function?

Purkinje fibers are networks of fibers that receive conductive signals originating at the atrioventricular node (AVN), and simultaneously activate the left and right ventricles by directly stimulating the ventricular myocardium.

What is the structure of Purkinje Fibres?

The great part of the Purkinje fiber is composed of clear, structure less sarcoplasm, and the myofibrils tend to be confined to a thin ring around the periphery of the cells. They have one or more large nuclei centrally located within the fiber. Ultrastructurally, they are easily distinguished.

What is the function of Purkinje fibres?

Purkinje fibers are specialized muscle fibers found in the heart. They originate at the atrioventricular bundle and extend into the ventricles. Their function is to relay impulses from the bundle to the ventricles, causing a contraction.

What is the function of the Purkinje fibers?

Drug Safety. Purkinje fibers isolated from a dog were used for electrophysiology experiments (167 ).

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  • Purkinje fibers can have an extremely slow phase 4 pacemaker potential.
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  • What do Purkinje fibers carry?

    During the ventricular contraction portion of the cardiac cycle, the Purkinje fibers carry the contraction impulse from both the left and right bundle branch to the myocardium of the ventricles. Aug 29 2019