What are the main phyla of protists?

What are the main phyla of protists?

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  • Phylum Euglenozoa. -Protozoa.
  • Phylum Dinoflagellata. -Protozoa.
  • Phylum Apicomplexa. -protozoa.
  • Phylum Ciliophora. -protozoa.
  • Phylum Amoebozoa. -protozoa.
  • Phylum Foraminifera. -protozoa.
  • Phylum Phaeophyta. -Algae: autotrophic.
  • Phylum Baccilariophyta. -algae: autotrophic.

How many phyla do protists have?

45 phyla
The kingdom Protista and its 45 phyla.

What are the four phyla of protists?

Animal-like protists are also known as Protozoa. Some are also parasites. The Protozoa is often divided into 4 phyla : Amoebalike protists, flagellates, ciliates, and spore-forming protists.

What are the 6 phyla of plant-like protists?

Characteristic of plant-like protists

Phylum Description Example
Chlorophyta green algae – associated with higher plants Chlamydomnas, Ulva, Volvox
Rhodophyta red algae Porphyra
Phaeophyta brown algae Macrocystis
Chrysophyta diatoms, golden brown algae, yellow-green algae Cyclotella

Which organism is an animal like protist?

There are four main types of animal-like protists; these are the amoeba, the flagellates, the ciliates, and the sporozoans. Amoeboid Protozoans Amoeba are characterized by the presence of pseudopodia, or ‘false feet,’ which they use to catch bacteria and smaller protists.

What does phylum do belong the protists?

Myxomycetes, also called Mycetozoa, phylum of funguslike organisms within the kingdom Protista, commonly known as true slime molds. They exhibit characteristics of both protozoans (one-celled microorganisms) and fungi. Distributed worldwide, they usually occur in decaying plant material.

Which phylum group of protozoan are often parasites?

Plasmodium, a sporozoan protozoa, belongs to phylum Apicomplexa. It is an intracellular, blood-inhabiting obligate parasite. It lives in the red blood corpuscles and parenchyma cells of liver of man and other vertebrates and in the alimentary canal and salivary glands of mosquitoes.

What classifies a protist in the protist kingdom?

Protists are organisms in the kingdom Protista. These organisms are eukaryotes, meaning they are made up of single or multiple cells which all contain a nucleus enclosed by a membrane. The protists are a diverse group of eukaryotes that cannot be classified as animals, plants, or fungi.