What are normal blood gas values?

What are normal blood gas values?

The following are normal ranges for results of a blood gas test: pH: 7.35–7.45. partial pressure of oxygen (PaO2): 80–100 millimeters of mercury (mmHg) partial pressure of carbon dioxide: 35–45 mmHg.

What are preemies blood gases?

A blood gas is a blood test that looks at the acid and base balance and oxygenation level in a newborn’s blood. Blood gasses are some of the most common blood tests used in the NICU, as they pack a ton of information about your baby’s health into just a few drops of blood.

What is normal capillary blood gas?

The purpose of this article is to examine the evidence that blood gas parameter values (pH, pCO2 and pO2) obtained from a capillary blood sample accurately reflect arterial blood….ARTERIAL AND CAPILLARY BLOOD GAS pH, pCO2 & pO2 – STUDY FINDINGS.

Arterial Capillary
pCO2 (kPa) 4.7-6.0 4.8-6.0
pO2 (kPa) 10.6-13.3 11.2-14.5

What is normal pO2 on ABG?

ABG (Arterial Blood Gas)

pH 7.35–7.45
pCO2 35–45 torr 4.5–6.0 kPa
pO2 >79 torr >10.5 kPa
CO2 23-30 mmol/L
Base excess/deficit ± 3 mEq/L ± 2 mmol/L

What’s the normal blood gas level for a term infant?

Values for the term and preterm infant differ slightly from values for the adult because of immaturity and the presence of fetal hemoglobin. In addition, the exact values accepted as normal may vary from institution to institution. Normal Neonatal Arterial Blood Gas Values: pH 7.35 – 7.45 PaCO2 35 – 45 mm Hg PaO2 50 – 70 mm Hg (term infant)

What do you need to know about neonatal blood gases?

To adequately use this information, one must have a basic understanding of gas transportation and acid-base physiology. These topics are addressed in this chapter to provide a basis for applying these principles to the inter- pretation of neonatal blood gases. Common terminology is defined in Table 6-1. TRANSPORT OFOXYGEN AND CARBONDIOXIDE OXYGEN

What are normal values for umbilical cord blood gases?

But whether a value is normal or not depends often on the circumstances of the birth and other information. PH: 7.27 (7.12 – 7.35) PCO2: 55.1 mmHg (41.9-73.5) Bicarbonate: 24.3 mmol/L (18.8-28.2) Base excess: -3.00 mmol/L (-9.3 to +1.5) Lactate: 3.7 mmol/L (2.0-6.7)

What is the normal range of ceufast blood gas?

Normal range is 0 +/- 2 mEq/liter of base. Positive values express an excess of base or a deficit of acid; negative values express a deficit of base or an excess of acid. When the base excess is negative, it is sometimes referred to as the base deficit. 1.