What are Advanced Nutrients Nirvana?

What are Advanced Nutrients Nirvana?

Nirvana by Advanced Nutrients is an all-organic, liquid formula used to boost flower growth. Nirvana maximizes the size and quality of yields by feeding the plants beneficial bat guano, B vitamins, and 22 amino acids.

Is Advanced Nutrients good for soil?

Advanced Nutrients’ products can be used in soil and coco coir too, although they are designed for hydroponic growing. Choose one of the six Advanced Nutrients’ base nutrient ranges and begin growing!

Is the Nirvana plant strengthener 100% organic?

Not only that, Nirvana is the only 100% organic, concentrated, easy to use formula of its type. In your quest to naturally enhance growth and maximize yields, Nirvana stands alone as a rich supplement that you want to feed your plants right away.

What can you do with Nirvana Advanced Nutrients?

For your convenience, Advanced Nutrients extracted, standardized and combined these powerful compounds into one formula, called Nirvana. Not only that, but Nirvana is triple-filtered and custom-blended you easily applied as a foliar feed or in any type of hydroponics irrigation root zone system.

What does Nirvana do to a cannabis plant?

And while it’s true that Nirvana increases the size, crystal, fragrance and potency of buds, that’s only part of the story about all the good things Nirvana can do for your cannabis crop. Indeed, you can use Nirvana on cannabis seeds, seedlings, clones, grow-phase plants and bloom-phase plants. You can use it as a root feed and a foliar feed.

What kind of nutrients does guano Nirvana have?

Along with guano, Nirvana has a yeast component that contains 22 essential amino acids that build plant proteins, and it’s also loaded with B vitamins. B vitamins are particularly useful for cloning, seedlings, transplanting, motherplants and gardens where plants are being pushed hard for production.