Is the Vox AC30C2 a tube amp?

Is the Vox AC30C2 a tube amp?

Related Videos: AC30C2 30-watt 2×12 inch Tube Combo Amp Sweeten the sound using the tremolo effect, adjusting speed and depth to get your sound right where you want it. The AC30C2 offers up three of the popular 12AX7 preamp tubes and makes use of four EL84 tubes in the power section to make up its 30 watts.

Are Vox valvetronix amps any good?

Vox introduced its Valvetronix amps way back in 2001, and they’re still going strong today, outlasting most of the modelling amp competition along the way. There’s no real secret to this; they sound superb – and while they aren’t the cheapest, the sounds and build quality more than compensate for that.

Where is the Vox AC30C2 made?

The AC30C2 “Custom Series” The AC-30C2 is produced by Vox in China and offered a number of significant changes from the AC-30CC2.

Is the Vox AV15 a tube amp?

The VOX AV15 employs a twin triode 12AX7 in both the pre-amp, and the power amp, for authentic tube at bedroom volumes, while the eight, distinct analog pre-amp circuits offer a wide range of classic & modern tones.

Are Vox amps good?

Vox Amps. Speaking of effects, Vox amps often feature built-in reverb and tremolo circuits too; allowing you to really embellish your guitar sounds. Although their cleans are excellent, many iconic guitarists have relied on Vox amps for the aggressive sounds that they’re capable of too.

What speakers do Vox amps use?

The Best Speakers for a Vox AC15

  1. Celestion Alnico Blue – (15 Watts / 100dB) The Celestion Alnico Blue is stock in a Vox AC15C1X model amplifier by default.
  2. Celestion Greenback (25 Watts / 98dB)
  3. Celestion Creamback (65 Watts / 97dB)
  4. Eminence Texas Heat (150 Watts / 99.4dB)
  5. Eminence Wizard (75-watts / 102.8dB)

How many watts is a Vox AC30?

30 watts
For those who crave more power, the AC30 expands on the captivating sound of its little brother by doubling the wattage. Employing a quartet of EL84 power tubes, the AC30 Custom pumps 30 watts of remarkable tone through a pair of 12” Celestion Greenback or Alnico Blue speakers.

Is AC30 a tube amp?

Though widely believed to be a class A amplifier, the AC30 is in fact class AB. It uses a quartet of cathode-biased EL-84 output tubes in push-pull configuration.

Where are Vox AC30C2 made?

Is Vox better than Marshall?

Unlike Fender and Vox, Marshall amps are associated more with power and dirt over bright, clean tones. The first Marshall amp was actually based on a modified Fender Bassman, and subsequent models in the ’60s continued to raise the bar for size and impact.

What are Vox amps known for?

The company is most famous for making the Vox AC30 guitar amplifier, used by The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, The Yardbirds, Queen, Dire Straits, U2, and Radiohead; the Vox Continental electric organ, the Vox wah-wah pedal used by Jimi Hendrix, and a series of innovative electric guitars and bass guitars.

What brand of tubes does Vox use?

EL84 tubes
The AC15 was powered by a pair of EL84 tubes, an EF86-driven “Normal” channel, an ECC83-driven “Vib-Trem” channel, and rectified by an EZ81.

Where are Vox AC30 made?

the U.K.
Engineered and built from the ground up entirely in the U.K., these amps are completely hand-wired using only the finest available components. The anniversary amps are a faithful recreation of the 1957 AC15/4 and the 1964 AC30/6 amps that paved the way for some of the most notable musicians in the industry.

Can you play bass through a Vox AC30?

You can totally play bass through a guitar head into a bass cabinet, it’ll sound great! You’re not going to get much volume out of an AC30 combo, though, and certainly not much low end. If you do manage to get any decent low end and volume you risk blowing the speaker.

Does Vox AC30 have reverb?

Both include onboard reverb and tremolo.