Is the ND400 filter a 9-stop filter?

Is the ND400 filter a 9-stop filter?

Your chart is right, and basically hides the answer. The ND400 filter isn’t actually a 9-stop filter – they’ve just rounded it up. It’s actually more like an 8.65-stop filter, which would roughly jive with the split between your ND256 and ND512. When they list 0.3, 0.6, etc, that represents optical density, which is a base-10 logarithm of opacity.

How to use the ND400 for daytime long exposure photography?

A tripod is by far the most convenient way to achieve this. The ND8 is used in conjunction with the NDX400 to give you more flexibility on bright sunny days. These ND filters screw onto the end of the lens.

What’s the difference between Hoya ND 400 and ND400?

Most ND filters create a green or purple color cast and the Hoya ND 400 is not different here. The color cast is not the strongest, but you still can see a green one on the photos. Additionally the ND filter introduces more vignetting, chromatic aberrations and softness into your photos. With the Hoya ND400 I noticed all of those]

What’s the best way to use the ND filter?

Standard settings I use for the silky/creamy water flow effect putting the ND filter on: Shutter Speed: start with 1/10 secs and reduce it gradually till you get the desired amount of blurriness effect Metering Mode: Evaluative (if I have bright area in the scene, I do a partial metering)

Why is the Hoya 9 stop ND filter called the ND400?

Hoya do a 9 stop ND filter which they call the ND400, but to my mind (based on the table below) it ought more logically to be called an ND512 flter. So why is it called ND400? . . . I have no idea on this one. Why companies insist in going against the normal filter designations is beyond me. It invariably leads to confusion like this.

What’s the difference between ND2, ND4, and ND8?

As you surmise, ND2 ,4, 8 equal 1, 2, 3, stop reductions respectively. I personally have never heard the term “gear” used in that manner though. A stop is a x2 or /2 of the light. ND2 = 1 stop. ND4 = 2×2 = 2 stops. ND8 = 2x2x2 = 3 stops, etc…. Thankyou Rainer, that Wikipedia article answered everything.

What kind of interior does the Nextant 400XTi have?

Always famous for its unique-in-class flat floor design and squared oval cabin cross-section, the 400XTi has a revolutionary new composite shell cabin interior which adds an extra 3 inches at shoulder level and an additional 2.5 inches of headroom. Multiple interior options are available, allowing you to customize your 400XTi.