Is the Autoport motel still open?

Is the Autoport motel still open?

The Autoport was Pennsylvania’s oldest motel before closing in December 2015. Since The Autoport closed, the property has remained vacant.

What happened to the Autoport motel?

The Autoport’s owners have been fighting off foreclosure and auction since last year, declaring bankruptcy in April to have a fighting chance to save Pennsylvania’s oldest motel.

What happened to Woodstock Lodge?

It eventually dropped to $1.35 million in April 2015, when it was featured on the blog Upstater. Enter a trio of new owners, who closed on the 6.5-acre property today: Brian Parillo, Michael Skurnick and Jack Waterman. Parillo, who has run the lodge’s bar for the previous owners, will be the primary on-site partner.

When did the Autoport motel in PA close?

The sale agreement states that “closing and settlement shall take place on or before April 30, 2016,” leaving some ambiguity as to the timing of the Autoport’s potential reopening. The Autoport appeared on reality television show “Hotel Impossible” in 2014,…

How much was the Hotel Impossible in Pennsylvania sold for?

According to the property deed, the sale was $2.1 million. The Mussis had been facing foreclosure since April 2014, as previously reported, and the property, Pennsylvania’s oldest motel, was featured in October 2014 on an episode of “Hotel Impossible.”

How is the Hotel Impossible in State College PA?

The carpet was stained and sticky. The bathroom walls were falling apart, and when I mean falling apart, literally crumbling as you starred at them. They even tried to spackle the walls in some area which made it look even worse. I would love for Hotel Impossible to come back and tell me if that was there handy work.

Where is the Autoport in State College PA?

The former Autoport is located at 1405 S. Atherton St. in State College. The Autoport in State College opened in 1936, making it the oldest motel in Pennsylvania. Phoebe Sheehan [email protected]