Is martinizing the same as dry cleaning?

Is martinizing the same as dry cleaning?

Today, “one hour Martinizing” is known as a dry cleaning franchise. In fact, it’s the largest international dry cleaning chain, with operations in Indonesia, Mexico, Ecuador, Germany and the Caribbean.

How much does dry cleaning cost?

To dry-clean a man’s two-piece wool suit, the range was from $1.99 to $49. To dry-clean a woman’s silk blouse, the range was from $1.99 to $39. To launder a man’s cotton dress shirt, the range was from 99 cents to $5.95. Fortunately, you don’t have to pay a high price to get high-quality work.

Is dry cleaning worth the cost?

Dry cleaning is always a gentler procedure, but the washing machine is usually good enough for your more durable and inexpensive clothing. For everything else, the small additional expense of dry cleaning is well worth the results.

How much is suede dry cleaning?

Dry Cleaning Prices

SUEDE(add $4.00 for sheepskin) LEATHER
Front Panel Suede or Leather 38.70 41.25
All Suede or Leather 42.95 45.90
Fabric with Suede/Leather Trim 42.50 44.65

What can Martinizing Dry cleaners do for You?

We’re proud to serve our community and our first-rate customer service will earn your trust. Your local Martinizing dry cleaners provide dry cleaning, shirt laundry, alterations, wash & fold, bulk laundry, leather cleaning, wedding gown cleaning and wedding gown preservation in addition to many bulky household items such as comforters.

How to contact Martinizing Dry Cleaning in Waukesha WI?

Call Us to Talk! Call Us Now at 262-521-9710 for a Perfect Clean! Martinizing Dry Cleaning offers services that pose no threats to the air, water, people or soil; giving your products — and the earth — the best clean possible!

Is there a dry cleaning company in Milwaukee?

Thank you. Martinizing Dry Cleaning is a family owned and operated Milwaukee dry cleaner providing dry cleaning and laundry services to customers throughout Southeast Wisconsin for over 50 years. Martinizing Dry Cleaning is an industry leader in garment care quality, customer service and environmental responsibility.

Do you get free pick up and delivery from Martinizing?

FREE pick-up and delivery makes Martinizing a complete no-brainer. Once you order FREE pick-up and delivery from Martinizing Dry Cleaners, doing your laundry is as simple as putting it in a Martinizing bag and setting it on your front porch. You get the same low rates charged in our stores and you can still use coupons.