Is Makarska worth visiting?

Is Makarska worth visiting?

Makarska today is a famous tourist destination with many amenities for tourists, accommodation of all ranges, villas, amazing gastronomy characteristically of the Makarska region as well as Dalmatia. You can also find lots of sporting, musical and other entertainment events for anyone, especially in the summer season.

Is Makarska nice?

Makarska is a small town with beautiful beaches. If you like buzzing beaches, hustle and bustle of a vibrant summer resort, this is a nice place to spend a vacation. Its beautiful beaches, crystal-clear sea, mountainous inland, and short hop to the nearby islands are all great reasons to visit this tourist resort.

How expensive is Makarska?

The average price of a 7-day trip to Makarska is $1,480 for a solo traveler, $2,658 for a couple, and $4,983 for a family of 4. Makarska hotels range from $45 to $204 per night with an average of $76, while most vacation rentals will cost $160 to $400 per night for the entire home.

Where is the Makarska Riviera?

Makarska is a city in the Split – Dalmatia county of Croatia, population 13,716 (2001). It is located on the Adriatic coast of Dalmatia, about 60 km southeast of Split and 140 km northwest of Dubrovnik. It is a tourist centre, located on a horseshoe shaped bay between the Biokovo mountain and the Adriatic Sea.

Is it possible to rent an apartment in Makarska Croatia?

Accommodation in Makarska Croatia: Makarska is a queen of apartment rentals. There is a joke that houses in the town don’t have roofs because owners always plan to build one additional floor with another apartment to rent. The choice of apartments is vast. But the quality is vast as well.

Are there any good beaches in Makarska Croatia?

Beaches, oh beaches in Makarska. Simply the best in the entire Croatia. And not one out of 100, but all 100 of them. The town and its riviera boasts some of the best beaches, and not only in Croatia, but in the world. This is my opinion, anyway.

Is the town of Makarska a tourist destination?

Makarska is a small town with beautiful beaches. But it is a tourist nightmare in my opinion: too many people, crowded beaches, traffic jams, lack of parking, to mention just few. However, thousands of people come to this town every year for vacation.

Is there a bus from Makarska to Riviera?

If you travel with a public transportation, the town is easily reachable by bus. There are also very good and frequent connections from Makarska to smaller tourist villages along the riviera. Parking in Makarska can be a nightmare. There are just too many cars and not enough parking. The parking lots are divided in two zones.