Is Edison a good movie?

Is Edison a good movie?

Edison starts out as a good,solid action thriller. The story builds up pretty nice, even Justin Timberlake surprises with his acting. But as the movie move’s on it turns into a normal average action flick, flamethrowers included. A pity when you consider the star packed cast(Kevin spacey, Morgan freeman, ll cool j).

Is the movie Edison based on a true story?

A representative for the producers of “Edison Force” stated that the movie was not based on Edison, the Middlesex County township. Yet, the connection between “Edison Force” and the real-life Edison was made. Former Edison Mayor Jun Choi referred to “Edison Force” during his primary campaign at the time.

How does the movie Edison end?

Moral Dissonance: By the end of the film, Deed has singlehandedly slaughtered and set fire to the entire FRAT department.

What was the Rotten Tomatoes rating for Edison?

On Rotten Tomatoes Edison has an approval rating of 13% based on reviews from 8 critics. In September 2017, when a Twitter user asked his followers to “name one bad Kevin Spacey movie”, Spacey himself responded and simply wrote Edison.

When was the movie Edison supposed to be released?

The film was originally supposed to see a US release in the spring of 2005; however, due to its poor reviews from critics after its screening at the Toronto International Film Festival, its release to cinemas in the US and most other countries was cancelled.

Who was the reporter in the movie Edison?

Reporter Pollack (Justin Timberlake) catches wind of a ‘bad mistake’ and reports his theory of fraud and corruption to his paper’s boss Ashford (the always reliably fine Morgan Freeman).

Who was the Worst Actor in the movie Edison?

Justin Timberlake is perhaps the single worst actor to land a bigtime role in a movie with the star power and money behind it that Edison had. His acting was PAINFUL to observe. The story was OK and all the other characters were played by professional actors, heck, even LL Cool J was fine since he has had numerous small parts to cut his teeth on.