Is Dogcraft real?

Is Dogcraft real?

Dogcraft is a modded single-player Minecraft series. The first episode premiered on March 8th, 2014. Dogcraft is notable for being the longest-running series on Stacy’s channel, episode-wise, and is also the most-viewed series on her channel, with the first episode having over a million views.

Can you download Dogcraft?

Dogcraft is a series of mods, which are listed on the Dogcraft page on the wiki, and in the description of every Dogcraft video. If you want to play with the same mods as Dogcraft, you will have to download each mod.

What happened to Stacyplays?

On March 11th, 2019 Stacy announced on Twitter and YouTube that Page had died from complications with Cushing’s Disease and old age, after Stacy said that “she had to make the difficult decision to euthanize her.” In Dogcraft, Page is a Golden Retriever….

Status Deceased (Real life) Alive (Dogcraft)

What are all of Stacy’s dogcraft builds?

This is a list for all of Stacy’s Dogcraft Builds. 1 The Dalmatian plantation 2 Noah’s Bark 3 The Pet Cemetery 4 The Dock 5 Squicken Beach (Seach) 6 Winks Dopgark 7 Damian’s Silo 8 Mount Ruffmore 9 Cat Caverns 10 Tomcat Towers 11 Tucker’s Tree House Stacy’s home is a large birch house that…

What kind of house does Stacy live in?

Stacy ‘s home is a large birch house that Stacy, Page and Molly live in. It is one of the first buildings in Dogcraft. One of Stacy’s main goals for Dogcraft is to find and rescue most (if not all) of the different dog breeds through the world.

Where does Damien live in Stacy’s dogcraft?

Damian’s Silo is a large fire hydrant near the Puppy Pawnd where Damien the yellow sheep lives. It it is also where Stacy stores her crops/vegetables. Mount Ruffmore is a mountain in which Stacy carved a bone into.

When did Pudgy go to the dogcraft show?

She took two of them back, and after surviving fall damage and an ambush from mobs, the two bulldogs made it home safely. Pudgy participated in the 2014 Dogcraft Dog Show, and was a part of the Toy group alongside his wife, son, and Lulu the Chihuahua.