Is Computop Paygate safe?

Is Computop Paygate safe?

Absolutely secure. And with unrestricted flexibility. Computop’s payment solution is everything you need to process your national and international financial transactions.

What is Computop Paygate?

Computop Paygate is your gateway to a world of unlimited payment transactions. Our Omnichannel payment platform processes customer payments securely and reliably across all channels, payment methods and countries. And with a commitment to a perfect payment experience for your customers.

Is computop safe?

Computop Paygate is wholly owned and developed in-house by Computop and it is a complete and secure solution PCI-DSS certification ensures that merchant customers of Computop can establish a secure and fully-fledged solution for their payment processing at a low cost in terms of both time and money.


Who are the global companies that use computop?

Computop, a global player with locations in Germany, China, England and the USA, has been servicing large international companies for more than 20 years, including global brands such as Amway, C&A, Fossil, Otto Group, Sixt, Swarovski and Wargaming. Computop processes transactions with a combined value of USD 36 billion in 127 currencies.

Can you accept payments with computop in Germany?

GERMANY | Computop and Visa Europe have teamed to enable Computop’s merchants to implement Visa Europe’s digital wallet called V.me by Visa in their checkout. V.me by Visa improves conversion rates for merchants and provides payment convenience to online shoppers. Computop is one of Germany’s […] Read more.

What do you need to know about computop Paygate?

Computop’s state-of-the-art payment services provide fast and secure payment processing, multiple international payment methods, elaborate fraud prevention and collecting capabilities. The Computop Paygate payment platform also offers numerous unique selling points, including: