How tall is a Hobie Cat mast?

How tall is a Hobie Cat mast?

26 ft 6 in tall
The boat is 16 ft 7 in long, 7 ft 11 in wide, and has a mast 26 ft 6 in tall, but only weighs 320 pounds.

How heavy is a Hobie 16 mast?

During this research a Hobie 16 mast design was taken as a baseline design for testing. The current mast on the market weighs between 50–60 lbs. While this is not extremely heavy, the center of gravity is approximately 13.5 feet from the end of the mast.

Are Hobie 16 still made?

That is correct! The Hobie 16 is easily the most iconic catamaran ever designed. It’s still built to this day by Hobie Cat in Oceanside, California.

Can you solo a Hobie 16?

the hobie 16 = versatility. i sail solo most of the time but can handle 4 if need be. the 16 has a very high load capacity.

What is the largest Hobie Cat?

Hobie 16
Designed originally for ocean surf launching and beaching, the sturdy Hobie 16 is built tough to handle it all. The 16 is the world’s largest one-design catamaran class with nearly 100,000 boats sailing world-wide.

Can you sail a Hobie Cat solo?

The 16 gets a little unmanageable solo in much above that. Also, my usual way to depower the 16 is to sail it sans jib, when the wind’s up there tend to be waves, and it gets really hard to tack with no jib and waves!…Solo H16 Sailing.

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How fast can a Hobie 16 go?

Once launched, the full batten main and relatively lightweight construction (320 pounds) makes the boat quite fast and responsive. The Hobie folks state the max speed is nearly 24-knots and there are plenty of Hobie sailors who will agree and verify.

How much wind is too much for Hobie 16?

15 kts is solid double trapezing on the 16. 20 kts is starting to be a lot of work. 25 kts is too much work to be fun. 30 kts is survival.

How fast does a Hobie go?

How big is the Hobie Cat 16 sailboat?

The Hobie Cat 16 is a 16’7” (5.05m) double handed sport/beach catamaran designed by Hobbart (Hobie) Alter (United States). She is built since 1969 by Hobie Cat (United States) with 32767 hulls completed.

What do you need to know about Hobie 16?

Forestay Battens Shroud Mast Boom Main Sheet System Tiller Arm Rudderhead Rudder Downhaul Forestay / Bridle Adjuster Bridle Hull Sail 6Safety Advice • Whether on land or on the water, WATCH FOR OVERHEAD POWER LINES. Contact with power lines can cause serious injury or death.

How is the hull of a Hobie built?

Each hull has two pylons (the forward ones are vented to allow the pressure inside the hull to equalise) and the frame fits onto these pylons. The frame consists of four aluminium alloy beams which slot into four aluminium alloy corner castings and are secured with rivets.

Can a Hobie 16 launch in shallow water?

It is possible to launch in shallow water with the rudders partly up. Try not to steer with too much force on the rudders until you lock them in the down position. Keep the sail loose and trimmed out completely until you can power up and steer away from any obstacle.