How much is a 700 Nitro Express worth?

How much is a 700 Nitro Express worth?

Double rifles are extremely expensive, starting at about $10,000 and selling upwards of $260,000 USD in 2015, and have generally been replaced by repeater-rifles using rounds such as the . 458 Winchester. Single factory loaded . 700 Nitro cartridges are available, typically at $100 USD each.

What is the hardest kicking gun?

The Six Hardest Kicking Cartridges

  • 700 H&H. The . 700 Nitro Express or H&H Magnum.
  • 600 Nitro Express. A . 600 Nitro Express cartridge.
  • 475 A&M Magnum. A . 475 A&M Magnum cartridge.
  • 577 Tyrannosaur. Two .
  • 460 Weatherby. The .
  • 454 Casull. Many regular-frame handguns are offered in the hard-kicking .

How much kick does a 700 Nitro Express?

700 H&H fires a 1,000-grain bullet at 2,000 fps, and produces 8,900 foot-pounds of muzzle energy. The rifles (there is more than one now) weigh 19 pounds. The recoil force is 160 foot-pounds, which is considerably more than the .

Would an RPG kill at Rex?

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What’s the difference between Nitro Express and Nitro 700?

In many respects this cartridge parallels the .600 Nitro Express. It is essentially a scaled-up version of that cartridge, but is somewhat more powerful, and fires a heavier 1000- grain (64.8 g) bullet. The case itself is a completely new case, not simply another case resized.

How much recoil does A.600 Nitro Express have?

A .600 Nitro Express cartridge. This sends 900-grain bullet at 1,950 fps with 7,600 foot-pounds of muzzle energy. In a 16-pound double rifle, it produces 99 foot-pounds of recoil. For 90 years, until it was surpassed by the .700, the .600 was numero uno in sheer brute power.

When did Bell and Feldstein make the 700 Nitro Express?

However, when Bell and Feldstein produced the entirely new .700 Nitro Express cartridge, they were able to attract the interest of H&H, which was looking for a new big-bore cartridge. After production began, the backlog of orders was so great that it continued to 2007 and H&H restarted the production of .600 Nitro Express guns.

Which is the most powerful Nitro Express round?

1 .600 Nitro Express 2 .600 Overkill 3 .585 Nyati 4 .577 Tyrannosaur 5 .585 Hubel express 6 .475 A&M Magnum 7 .460 Weatherby Magnum 8 12.7×108mm 9 14.5×114mm 10 .50 BMG 11 2 bore 12 .950 JDJ (the world’s largest rifle cartridge) 13 20×102mm Vulcan (One of the most powerful rifle rounds, used in anti-materiel rifles)