How many movies are in The Work and the Glory?

How many movies are in The Work and the Glory?

Utah businessman Larry Miller, the sole investor in the “Work and the Glory” films, has spent approximately $20 million in production costs for the three movies. Box office earnings for the first two total only about $6 million, according to The-Numbers.com.

Are the actors in The Work and the Glory Mormon?

The actors, Sam Hennings and Alexander Carroll, star in the newest product of Miller’s business empire, “The Work and the Glory,” a Mormon-themed historical drama opening today in Utah movie theaters.

Is The Work and the Glory based on a true story?

Based on the best selling series by Gerald N. Lund, the Work and the Glory blends high-powered fiction with true events from the life of Joseph Smith.

Is Nathan Steed a real person?

Nathan Steed is a fictional character from The Work and the Glory series.

Who is the director of the work and the glory?

(October 2017) The Work and the Glory is a 2004 historical fiction drama film, directed by Russell Holt. It tells the story of the fictional Steed family in the 1820s and their struggles trying to adopt the new Mormon religion, and it explores their relationship with their community, with its founder, Joseph Smith and the rest of the Smith family.

Is the work and the glory based on a true story?

Knock and it shall be opened unto you, seek and ye shall find, ask and it will be given to you. Oh, the movie or series of movies, there are 3 was excellent, it is about a family seeking the truth and it isn’t centered on the Prophet Joseph Smith’s.

Where did the work and the glory take place?

The Work and The Glory : or some of it! novels which carry the same title. of the 1800’s in Vermont, Palmyra NY and Missouri. presented to the world as The Book of Mormon. join his new church.

Who is John Groberg in the work and the glory?

John Groberg, a farm kid from Idaho Falls, crosses an ocean to become a missionary in the remote and exotic Tongan islands during the 1950s. A divorced, Mormon stand-up comedian moves after divorce to loosen the ties to the church and it’s singles ward. A woman from the new church calls and he responds rudely.