How many metro buses are there in Lahore?

How many metro buses are there in Lahore?

66 buses
Lahore MBS currently operates a fleet of 66 buses. The buses run on a single 28.7 km long Ferozepur Road corridor with two other corridors being planned. Buses on the current route have an average speed of 26 km/h.

When did Metro bus start in Lahore?

February 10, 2013
The line was inaugurated on February 10, 2013 and has achieved highest ridership of 179,104 per day. Till May 01, 2017 the system has transported 210 million passengers.

Is Metro Bus Lahore open on Sunday?

Punjab Mass Transit Authority has directed the drivers and staff of Metro bus to resume their duties on Sunday. According to details, metro bus will start its operation on Sunday at 6:30 am under the SOPs issued by the government to facilitate the passengers in the metropolitan city.

What is Metro bus in Pakistan?

Pakistan Metrobus System has the following main features: Two Lane – limited access corridor with passing lane at stations. Portion from Saddar to IJP is elevated (8.3 kms) 24 Stations (24 stations: one center platforms each with three docking bays and level boarding, 14 at-grade and 10 elevated stations)

Which is the bus rapid transit in Lahore?

The Lahore Metrobus ( Punjabi ( Shahmukhi): لہور میٹرو بس ) is a bus rapid transit service operating in Lahore Punjab, Pakistan.

How much did it cost to build metro bus in Lahore?

Construction project started in March 2012 and buses entered service in February 2013. The system, which was constructed by the Traffic Engineering and Planning Agency (TEPA), a subsidiary of the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) at a cost Rs 29.65 billion.

Which is the first metro bus in Pakistan?

Metrobus in Islamabad and Rawalpindi was inaugurated on 4 June 2015 by the Prime Minister. Multan Metrobus was inaugurated on 24 January 2017 by PM Nawaz Sharif. Karachi Metrobus and Faisalabad Metrobus have also been planned and their construction has just been started.

Where can I buy Metrobus tokens in Lahore?

Two types of ticketing systems exist at the Metrobus terminals: Single-ride tokens that are good for one journey only and can be purchased for Rs. 30 (US$0.19) at the on-site ticket booth or the self-service Ticket Vending Machines (TVM). Metrobus Cards that can be utilized for multiple journeys.