How many illustrations are in the Utrecht Psalter?

How many illustrations are in the Utrecht Psalter?

It is famous for its 166 lively pen illustrations, with one accompanying each psalm and the other texts in the manuscript (Chazelle, 1055). The precise purpose of these illustrations, and the extent of their dependence on earlier models, have been matters of art-historical controversy.

Who was the sponsor of the Utrecht Psalter?

It may have been sponsored by Ebbo, Archbishop of Reims, and so is usually dated between 816 and 835.

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Where was the Psalter during the Middle Ages?

The psalter spent the period between about 1000 to 1640 in England, where it had a profound influence on Anglo-Saxon art, giving rise to what is known as the “Utrecht style”. It was copied at least three times in the Middle Ages. A complete facsimile edition of the psalter was made in 1875 (Lowe, 237), and another in 1984 (Graz).

What kind of script is the psalter written in?

The Psalter is written in rustic capitals, a script which by the 9th century had fallen out of favour in Carolingian manuscripts. These are now widely viewed as imitation rustic capitals, and the manuscript is dated no earlier than the 9th century (Lowe, 237).