How many crow decoys do you need?

How many crow decoys do you need?

The ideal decoy set up is to place 3 to 4 stationary decoys such as the popular Flambeau Foam Crow Decoys, along with 1 to 2 decoys that have some type of motion, for example the Mojo Outdoors Motion Crow Decoy. It is very important to have some type of movement in the decoy set up.

Can you Crow Hunt without decoys?

Crow hunting is a bit like duck hunting, as decoys and calling can often pull birds in for a shot from a camouflaged or natural blind. Crow hunting is also completely different from anything else you may have done.

What’s the best way to decoy a crow?

Crows are never easy to decoy, they take cautious behavior to another level. These FFD Crow Decoys are fully flocked with motion and that makes all the difference in crows at close range and crows flying away. Use crow decoys for both passive (feeding) and aggressive (fighting) set-ups.

When do Crow decoys come out in stock?

In stock on June 10, 2021. . Fold Up Decoy FUD 6 Foldable, Collapsible, Full Size Decoys for Land and Water use. Pack of 6 Space Saving, Durable Waterfowl Hunting decoys

What to do if you only have a few decoys?

If you only have a few decoys, don’t despair! Your handful of decoys can be added to with a few dead crows once the shooting begins. The Fighting setup, which is by far the most popular, attempts to simulate a situation where the crows are in conflict with something, either a raptor such as an owl or hawk, or even other crows.

How big does a standing Crow decoy get?

Most decoys on the market today are a standing version this flyer will get the attention of even the most gun shy crow. this decoy measures 17′ from beak to tail and has a wing span of 27″. A wind directional pole cap and a hanger is included with decoy. These 16″ Standing Crows are a great decoy for any crow hunter. Sold by the each.