How long is the walk around Yeadon Tarn?

How long is the walk around Yeadon Tarn?

0.7 mile
Yeadon Tarn is a 0.7 mile (1,500-step) route located near Leeds, England. This route has an elevation gain of about 0 ft and is rated as easy.

Can you walk around Yeadon Tarn?

Enjoy an easy circular walk around this pretty lake in Leeds. There’s a nice surfaced footpath running around the perimeter of the tarn for just under a mile. Look out for various water loving birds on the water.

Are the toilets open at Yeadon Tarn?

The toilets are right next to the play area and were open when we went. Just make sure you are carrying some tissues with you as there was no toilet roll. The lake itself is beautiful, you can see people fishing, you can see ducks and can also feed them.

Is Yeadon Tarn or dam?

Yeadon Tarn (also known as Yeadon Dam) is located between High Street and the airport runway. During the Second World War it was drained to prevent enemy aircraft using its reflection as a landmark to identify the nearby Avro factory. The tarn is used for sailing and fishing.

Can you swim in Yeadon Tarn?

Although it may be inevitable with some of the water sports activities, swimming is unfortunately not permitted in Yeadon Tarn lake.

Can you walk around Lindley Wood Reservoir?

Lindley Wood Reservoir is a picturesque spot just a few miles north of Otley in the Washburn Valley. This serene 2-mile trek is perfect if you want a relaxing water-side stroll. The Lindley Wood Reservoir walk starts at the River Washburn on Leathley Lane, Leathley, West Yorkshire, LS21 2LA.

Can I kayak on Yeadon Tarn?

Can I SUP/Kayak/Canoe/Row/Windsurf on the Tarn with YSC? We are currently only able to offer Dinghy Sailing on the Tarn and we are very enthusiastic about trying to allow as many people as possible to enjoy sailing – we would be happy to help you to learn to sail even if you have no experience.

Where do you park for the Eccup reservoir?

Whilst there is no car park at Eccup, on-street parking is available on Alwoodley Lane. Please park considerately. Eccup Reservoir is just one of the many places you can enjoy a spring walk in Leeds.

What does Yeadon mean?

Yeadon Name Meaning English (Yorkshire): habitational name from Yeadon, a place in West Yorkshire, named from Old English g? h ‘steep’ + dun ‘hill’.

How far above sea level is Yeadon?

LS19 7LQ Elevation

Metres Feet
Elevation 160m 525ft

Can you kayak on Yeadon Tarn?

Can I swim at Pugneys?

Open Water Swimming At Pugneys. The water is warm and the open water swims are very popular at this time of year because of the number of big races coming up, this means that numbers turning up at Pugneys are high. If you are coming to an Open Water Swim PLEASE arrive in plenty of time.