How is eddy current measured?

How is eddy current measured?

Eddy Current (EC) testing is based on electromagnetic induction. The technology can be used to detect flaws in conducting materials or to measure the distance between a sensor and a conducting material. The measurement does not require the tested object to be in direct contact with the test equipment.

What is meant by eddy current transducer?

Eddy Current is a type of non-contacting sensor technology. Eddy Current Sensors are non-contacting position sensors used for measuring the change of position of a specified target. Eddy Current sensors are capable of high resolution measurement and are also referred to as inductive sensors.

What is eddy current displacement sensor?

The eddy current type displacement sensors produce a high-frequency magnetic field by applying a high-frequency current to the coil inside the sensor head. The eddy current type displacement sensors measure the distance based on the change of the oscillation caused by this phenomenon.

What is the unit of eddy current?

Eddy Current UnitTwo masses drop down a 33cm copper tube. One is steel,one is a neodymium magnet. When students see themagnetic mass falls more slowly than the steel mass,you can introduce them to electrical eddy currents.

How is the output of an eddy current transducer used?

Since the output of an eddy current transducer represents the size of the distance between the probe and the conductor, the device can be calibrated to measure the position or displacement of the target. Thus, it can be applicable in monitoring or sensing the precise location of an object such as a machine tool.

Can you find what you are looking for with eddy current sensors?

Can’t find what you are looking for? We offer Eddy Current Sensors, but can also help you with a tailor-made linear position sensor or a complete measuring solution. Please contact us for advice or budgetary pricing.

How are eddy currents used in displacement measurements?

Inductive displacement sensors based on eddy currents are used for precise displacement measurements. Unmatched precision – even for dynamic measurements. Inductive sensors (eddy current) from Micro-Epsilon are often used in applications where harsh ambient conditions are present and where maximum precision is required.

Which is the best inductive eddyncdt measuring system?

However, every inductive eddyNCDT measuring system from Micro-Epsilon is equipped with an active temperature compensation feature that reconciles any thermal influences. Inductive sensors can be tailored to customer-specific measurements.