How is clo value calculated?

How is clo value calculated?

An overall insulation – or Clo – value can be calculated by simply taking the Clo value for each individual garment worn by a person and adding them together. The mean surface area of the human body is approximately 1.8 m2….Example – Clothing Ensemble.

Cloth Icl
Straight trousers 0.15
Total 0.43

What is the CLO unit?

Basic measurement for the thermal properties of clothing. One clo unit is the thermal insulation that is comfortable for a resting man at 21 °C, where relative humidity is less than 50% and the air movement is 6 m/min: it equates to a man wearing a three-piece suit and light underclothes.

What is the clo value of gloves?

One clo is the amount of insulation that allows you, at rest, to maintain thermal equilibrium at 70°F (21°C). Above this temperature, you’ll sweat.

What is the most important insulating factor in winter clothes?

Air is a poor conductor of heat, and is therefore ideal as an insulating element. The air contained in an insulated clothing item will block heat from escaping from the body, and the more trapped air there is, the higher the insulating factor.

How is the clo value of clothing determined?

How well our clothing protects from frigid temperatures depends on its CLO value – a measure of clothing’s thermal insulation. CLO values were developed in 1941 as an attempt to explain the insulation value of clothing, and are used to help guide us on appropriate attire for a given environment.

What does CLO stand for in thermal insulation?

The insulation value of clothing for thermal comfort when people are at rest is measured in clo. The baseline is 1 clo of clothes at 21 degrees Celsius/ 70F when a person is inactive. A man’s business suit, shirt and shoes totals 1 clo.

What’s the relationship between clo value and temperature?

The higher the CLO value, the more insulating value is provided by the clothing in question. The CBE Comfort Tool is an excellent resource for further exploring the relationships between CLO values, temperature, and human comfort.

What is the clo value of PrimaLoft insulation?

CLO value is the insulation power of an insulation setting. For example, this value is 0.92 for 1 oz (28.35 grams) of a dry PrimaLoft One for one square yard . The important thing here is that unlike fill power, CLO is not a characteristic that is unique to one ounce of the material.