How hard is it to get into Texas Tech Honors College?

How hard is it to get into Texas Tech Honors College?

Eligibility for the honors college as a freshman requires a minimum SAT score of 1200 or an ACT of 26 or a place in the top 10 percent of the applicant’s high school class to be considered for admission. Admission is not, however, guaranteed with these credentials.

Does Texas Tech have an honors program?

Honors College students have the unique advantage of experiencing a small, intellectually and socially vibrant environment while having access to the vast resources of the major research university at TTU.

What is an honors college at a university?

Honors colleges and honors programs are special accommodation constituent programs at public and private universities – and also public two-year institutions of higher learning – that include, among other things, supplemental or alternative curricular and non-curricular programs, privileges, special access.

What is the acceptance rate for Texas Tech?

68.9% (2020)
Texas Tech University/Acceptance rate

Who are the Honors College winners at TTU?

Their education is the result of the integration of all colleges at TTU, including the Honors College, that cultivate the talents and interests of Honors College students and endeavor to meet their changing needs as they develop academically and socially. Emma is one of the winners of the university’s Student Academic Leadership Awards.

What kind of college is Texas Tech Honors College?

All students who are admitted to Texas Tech and the Honors College also enroll in a disciplinary college and pursue one or more of the 150+ available majors and concentrations, including one major housed within the Honors College, Honors Arts and Letters.

Who is the mascot of Texas Tech University?

Some Honors College professors have decided to move their classrooms outside this semester to slow the spread of COVID-19. Cameron Hekkert, a fourth-year student in the College of Arts and Sciences and the Honors College, will serve as the university’s mascot for 2020-2021 academic year.

Who is the Chancellor of Texas Tech University?

Dr. Susan Tomlinson receives a 2021 Chancellor’s Council Distinguished Teaching Award. This award honors outstanding faculty members who provide exceptional opportunities for students both in and out of the classroom.