How full are the dams in Sydney?

How full are the dams in Sydney?

Storage, rainfall and environmental releases

Storage (recorded date) Storage Capacity (ML) Percent Full %
Avon Dam Saturday 14 August 146,700 93.4
Cataract Dam Saturday 14 August 97,190 79.1
Cordeaux Dam Saturday 14 August 93,640 93.5
Nepean Dam Saturday 14 August 67,730 87.8

What is the current water level of Warragamba Dam?

Trigger – Storage level has reached RL 127.72m.

How full are the dams in NSW?

Regional NSW dams and valleys

Storage (recorded date) Storage Capacity (ML) Percent Full %
Burrinjuck Dam Sat Sep 4 2021 1,024,750 92.3
Carcoar Dam Sat Sep 4 2021 35,917 65.8
Chaffey Dam Sat Sep 4 2021 100,509 100.4
Copeton Dam Sat Sep 4 2021 1,345,510 81.5

What is the lowest Warragamba Dam level?

Dam level crises and water restrictions Between 1998 and 2007 the catchment area experienced extremely low rainfall (in December 2004, the dam dropped to 38.8% of capacity, the lowest on record to date) and on 8 February 2007 it recorded an all-time low of 32.5% of capacity.

How many dams and reservoirs are there in Sydney?

Dams and reservoirs In the Greater Sydney region, WaterNSW manages a total of 21 storage dams (11 major dams) that can hold more than 2.6 million megalitres of water. Water for these dams is collected from five catchment areas covering 16,000 square kilometres.

How are the reservoirs in South Australia used?

Our reservoirs are the state’s primary water storage areas, supplying homes and businesses across South Australia. The reservoirs don’t just fill with rain, we can also use them as storage for River Murray water in times of high demand.

What is the capacity of Tallowa Dam in Sydney?

The ‘capacity’ for Tallowa Dam only refers to the water available to be transferred to Sydney, when the total system storage is below 75%. The dam can hold 90,000 ML but 7,500 ML is available for transfers.

Where does Sydney’s drinking water come from?

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