How fast can a Honda PCX 150 go?

How fast can a Honda PCX 150 go?

70 mph
Honda PCX150 Specifications

Engine & Drivetrain:
Curb Weight: 289 lbs.
Top Speed: 70 mph (governed)

Is the Honda PCX reliable?

It’s liquid-cooled, reliable, nippy, well built, stylish and comes with great features. If you’re looking for a commuter scooter to see you through a good few years of hard labour, the Honda is a great choice. Pros: Price.

What kind of engine does a Honda pcx150 have?

Prior to 2013, the PCX came with a 125 cc engine and a 1.6-gallon fuel tank. With a make-over in 2013, the PCX125 gave way to the PCX150 and a new chapter in the globally produced Honda scooter was launched. Continue reading for my review of the Honda PCX150. Let’s start with the new-in-2015 features.

Is there a warranty on a Honda pcx150?

For 2016, the PCX150 came in Dark Candy Red or Steel Gray, which I think was an improvement over the black or white available in 2015, though for 2017 Honda went right back to boring old white, but added a nice dark pearl blue that is carried over into 2018. Honda offers a one-year transferable warranty on your PCX.

What is the weight of a Ford pcx150?

With a light curb weight of 295 pounds, a nimble 51.8-inch wheelbase and a low 29.9-inch seat height, the PCX150 serves as an easygoing ride that adds a big element of fun to the day’s travels. Some things in life are all about practicality. Some things are affordable. And some things are just plain fun.

What’s the price of a 2018 Honda pcx150?

Engine power runs through the Honda V-Matic automatic transmission, so you can count on the typical twist-and-forget operation. The mill and transmission work together to provide an estimated 100 mpg, a fuel load that will last longer than your butt can at a stretch. MSRP on the 2018 PCX150 is $3,599, up just a wee bit over previous years.