How does if/then else statement work in basic?

How does if/then else statement work in basic?

The IF… THEN… ELSEIF…ELSE control statement allows identifying if a certain condition is true, and executes a block of code if it is the case. The ELSE clause, while following the “IF 2<3” statement, is associated with the “IF X<2” statement, because the “IF 2<3” statement has a PRINT statement on the same line.

What is an if/then else rule?

An “If Then Else” rule consists of a graphic diagram with nodes (boxes) whose outputs are connected to inputs of other nodes. Nodes have configuration options that appear in the box on the diagram. There are four kinds of nodes: Event, Condition, Action, and Value.

What is the difference between if/then and if/then else statement in Q Basic?

IF_THEN_ELSE STATEMENT ➡ In this statement if the condition given after IF is true then the statement given after THEN will be executed but if the condition is false then the statement after ELSE will be executed.

What is if Elseif else control structure?

The IF-Else Control Structure is a conditional control structure which executes depending on a particular condition. if the condition is true then the if block is executed, otherwise the else block is executed. If test expression is false, statements inside the else block is executed.

When do you use a statement in GW-BASIC?

Commands are generally executable instructions in the Direct Mode or at command level and can work without line numbers. (a) A Statements is a group of BASIC keywords (Reserved words). (b) Statement always preceded by line number. (c) When the program RUN, statements are executed. (d) Statements work in Indirect Mode or Programming Mode.

Why do I get an infinite loop in GW BASIC?

“Goto” tells the program to jump to the line indicated (in this case 10). Thus our program will print the 2 words, then execute line 20. Since this line tells it to go back to line 10, we get what’s termed an “infinite loop”. Usually this is the result of a programming error or bug.

Which is practical program to write in GWBasic?

Practical: 11: Write a program that can calculate the perimeter of the rectangular. Practical: 12: Write a program that can calculate the square and cube of any number. Practical: 15: Write a program that can draw a Triangle. Practical: 16: Write a program that can draw a Rectangle. Practical: 17: Write a program that can add 15+ 30+20+325.

How many pages is the GW BASIC tutorial?

BASIC TRAINING – A GW-BASIC Tutorial This is a comprehensive 36-page Tutorial of GW-BASIC and BASICA,ideally suited for beginners of GW-BASIC and for programmers who used GW-BASIC in those old days. With 8 program examples as BAS files