How do you write an architecture concept statement?

How do you write an architecture concept statement?

Determine and describe the style of the structure. Provide pictures of similar structures and other works in progress. Explain the reasons for selecting a particular style. For example, you may choose a Mediterranean style for a particular area because that is the style of adjacent structures.

What is design concept in architecture?

Concept design implies an idea, or range of ideas, a development approach, a guiding concept and a design intent. The conceptual approach places the quantum of development intelligently on the site. It is vital that the architect and the client agree the objectives and outcomes of the concept design process in advance.

What topics are related to architecture?

Architecture and infrastructural design

  • Architecture and urban planning.
  • Climate control in buildings.
  • Fatigue in large constructions.
  • Concrete, steel and glass structures.
  • Hydraulics and maritime technology.
  • Bridge design and construction.

What are the 10 architectural design elements?

When photographing buildings, the best approach is to make use of architecture design elements such as shape, line, color, pattern, texture, and space. And that’s exactly what you’re going to learn in this tutorial.

What’s the best way to develop an architectural concept?

As we discuss here in “ How to develop an architecture concept ”, the best conceptual approaches should always aim to provide the backbone and foundation to a new project, and form part of the initial process as much as your site analysis should do.

What should be the topic of an architecture thesis?

Your architecture thesis topics should be aligned with your plans. It should reflect your experience or interest in a specialized subject. It will play an important role as a part of your portfolio. Your thesis topics architecture ideas shouldn’t just be theoretical, they should also solve a real-world problem.

Which is the best way to write about architecture?

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How to come up with ideas for architecture?

Explore your ideas through concept sketches, concept models, and anything else that will help you be more creative and expand your thinking. Don’t come up with your first single idea and stick with it. Try out many other ideas before settling on one, even if you go back to the first! Keep experimenting! I hope that this helps!