How do you Vlookup compare two columns in different worksheets?

How do you Vlookup compare two columns in different worksheets?

How to Compare Two Columns in Excel

  1. Click the Compare two columns worksheet tab in the VLOOKUP Advanced Sample file.
  2. Add columns in your workbook so you have space for results.
  3. Type the first VLOOKUP formula in cell E2:
  4. Click Enter on your keyboard and drag the VLOOKUP formula down through cell C17.

How do I match two columns in Excel using Vlookup?

Compare Two Columns In Excel Using VLOOKUP

  1. So, the task is to see if artists in List 1 are in List 2 AND vice versa.
  2. VLOOKUP To Compare The Two Columns.
  3. This formula will check if the contents of Cell A2 (Thom Yorke) exists in List of Artists 2.
  4. Now, let’s drag this formula all the way down to B15.

How do you compare two columns in Excel to find differences?

Example 2. Compare multiple columns and highlight row differences

  • Select the range of cells you want to compare.
  • On the Home tab, go to Editing group, and click Find & Select > Go To Special… Then select Row differences and click the OK button.

What is the formula to compare two columns in Excel?

Here’s the process of comparing two Excel columns for differences: Highlight the same top cell (i.e., A1) in the column in Sheet1. Add this formula to the A1 cell: ‘=IF(Sheet1!A1<> Sheet2!A1, “Sheet1:”&Sheet1!A1&” vs Sheet2:”&Sheet2!A1, “”)’. Drag the formula down the column for each of the cells you want to compare in the two columns in question.

How do I find matching data in Excel?

There is a function called Exact in Excel, you can apply it to find the cells if exactly match at a glance. 1. Select a blank cell next to the data, and then click Formula > Text > EXACT. See screenshot: 2. Then in the Popped out dialog, select the cells you want to find if exactly match into Text1 and Text2 text boxes.

How do you compare one column to another in Excel?

To compare two columns in Excel row-by-row, write a usual IF formula that compares the first two cells. Enter the formula in some other column in the same row, and then copy it down to other cells by dragging the fill handle (a small square in the bottom-right corner of the selected cell).