How do you treat a wandering spleen?

How do you treat a wandering spleen?

Because wandering spleen can cause life-threatening complications (such as splenic infarction, portal hypertension , and hemorrhage), surgery to remove the spleen is the preferred treatment method for patients. Laparoscopic splenectomy is the typical method used for spleen removal.

Is gastric volvulus curable?

Endoscopic decompression is effective in many patients, and reduction will be successful in some of them. Surgery is necessary in many patients to treat the underlying cause of volvulus. Second, endoscopic or laparoscopic gastropexy may be appropriate management for selected elderly patients with gastric volvulus.

How do you fix gastric volvulus?

Sometimes decompression of the stomach with a nasogastric tube will result in reduction of the volvulus, as reported by Llaneza and Salt. Reduction of the volvulus can be performed by endoscopy or by gentle traction on the stomach during surgery.

What does a wandering spleen feel like?

Resulting symptoms may include fatigue, weakness, blood in the stools, anemia, bloody vomit (hematemesis), and/or an abnormally low level of blood platelets (thrombocytopenia). In adulthood, wandering spleen most often causes abdominal pain or present as an abdominal mass that does not cause symptoms (asymptomatic).

Can a wandering spleen cause gastric volvulus?

Gastric volvulus is a rare but potentially life-threatening clinical entity due to possible gastric necrosis. A wandering spleen may also be associated with gastric volvulus.

Are there any dietary modifications for gastric volvulus?

Yes, there are certain dietary modifications which can be done pre and post treatment for individual affected with Gastric Volvulus or Volvulus of Stomach. Some of the dietary modifications are as mentioned below:

What should you do if you have volvulus of stomach?

Thus, it is recommended that the individual consume plenty of water to avoid constipation. In case if an individual is diagnosed with Volvulus, it is recommended to take care of the diet as Volvulus even after being treated has a tendency to recur.

What causes a child to have volvulus in the stomach?

Gastric Volvulus in children is caused due to congenital defects in the diaphragm. What Are The Causes Of Gastric Volvulus? Gastric Volvulus or Stomach Volvulus is basically of two types, Type 1 which is also called as Idiopathic Gastric Volvulus and Type 2 which is knows as Congenital or Acquired Gastric Volvulus.