How do you export a graph in Libreoffice Calc?

How do you export a graph in Libreoffice Calc?

Go to the Calc window, select the chart and copy it. Go back to the Draw window and paste the chart. It should occupy the whole page. Now you can export the drawing (File > Export…) to several different formats.

How do I print a chart in Libreoffice?

updated Apr 27 ’20

  1. Left-click on the chart to select it.
  2. Select Main Menu>Print to open the Print window.
  3. In the Print window, select the printer you wish to use, and in the “Range and Copies” highlight “Selected cells”.

How do I export a chart?

You can export an individual chart or export all charts at once:

  1. To export an individual chart in PNG format, click Save As directly above the question chart and choose Question chart only.
  2. To export all charts, click Save As at the top of the page, then click Export File. Select All Summary Data.

How do you print a chart on calculator?

To select the details to be printed: 1) Choose Format > Page. 2) Select the Sheet tab. 3) In the Print area, mark the details to be printed and click OK.

How to draw a graph in LibreOffice Calc?

If everything is ok with your data, you can draw your graph/chart using XY (Scatter) chart: Then from the Insert menu select Chart . In the Chart wizard window select XY (Scatter) as Chart type and choose the desired chart look on the top right side of window.

How can I format the x-axis scale in LibreOffice?

Only the scatter is a scientific/engineering plot format where you can enter data pair x/y to form a function y=f (x). The x-values are not the same distance to each others like in the line-chart where they are called categories.

How do you create a chart in calc?

Calc uses a Chart Wizard to create charts or graphs from your spreadsheet data. After the chart has been created as an object in your spreadsheet, you can then change the chart type, adjust data ranges and the edit the chart using the functions available in the Chart Wizard.

What is the range of your in LibreOffice?

R on the Y-axis, range 0-10. No matter what type of chart I choose from the Insert Chart wizard, I get 11 plots equally spaced along the X axis (there’s 11 sets of data). R varies between 5.4 and 8.7 but the XY Scatter gives a much wider range than that. I’m not sure what is being plotted but it’s not the values of R.