How do you become a Ranger battalion?

How do you become a Ranger battalion?

Join the 75th Ranger Regiment

  1. Be a U.S. citizen.
  2. Be on Active Duty and Volunteer for assignment.
  3. Have a General Technical Score of 105 or higher (can be waived on case by case basis)
  4. No physical limitations (PULHES of 111221 or better)
  5. Qualify and volunteer for Airborne training.

What are the requirements for Ranger school?

Have a General Technical Score of 105 or higher. Pass physical requirements, including the Ranger. Fitness Test (58 push-ups, 69 sit-ups, five mile run in 40 minutes or less, six pull-ups), the Water Survival Assessment, and a 12-mile march with a 35-pound rucksack and weapon in less than three hours.

How to apply for the 75th Ranger Regiment?

All potential candidates must apply PRIOR to entering their marketplace on AIM. If you have already entered a marketplace, the 75th Ranger Regiment will not be able to bring you to RASP 2. Submitting an Application:

What do you need to know about DA Form 4187?

Also known as a Personnel Action Form, the soldier completes the form to request additional training, reassignment, extra rations, and name changes. The soldier should sign and date this form after completing it before they turn it in for consideration. What is a DA Form 4187?

Where are the Ranger Battalions located in the US?

The positions available are within the Regimental Headquarters, Regimental Military Intelligence Battalion, and Regimental Special Troops Battalion located at Fort Benning, GA; and the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Ranger Battalions located respectively at Hunter Army Airfield, GA; Joint Base Lewis-McChord, WA; and Fort Benning, GA.

How to become a ranger in the US Army?

At the conclusion of the course, Candidates will be better prepared to represent the Division at the U.S. Army Ranger school. Note: Packets for entrance must consist of a digitally filled FC 4137 and a complete phase 1 physical dated within 120 days of course start date along with a dental memorandum.