How do I merge photos in Picasa?

How do I merge photos in Picasa?

  1. 1 Click File. Click “File” on the Picasa main window, then use the “Add File to Picasa” option to add the pictures that you need to combine.
  2. 2 Click Create. Click “Create,” then click “Picture Collage” on the context menu.
  3. 3 Use the slider under Grid Spacing.
  4. 4 Use the pull-down menu.
  5. 5 Click Create Collage.

How can I put 2 pictures together?

  1. Select both pictures.
  2. Click the + icon in the blue bar.
  3. Select “Collage” A collage is now created fully automatically. There is nothing you can do when the result is not what you want. You get best results when both pictures have the same ratio aspect, otherwise one of them may be cropped again.

How do I save a collage in Picasa 3?

In your computer, collages are saved in “Collages,” under My Pictures > Picasa (Windows) or Pictures > Picasa (Mac).

How can I edit multiple photos at the same time in Picasa?

Picasa preserves your original photo. When you save your edits, Picasa creates a new version of the photo with your edits. Add photos to the photo tray to make changes to multiple photos at once. Here’s how: Press and hold Ctrl (Command on Mac) while selecting multiple photos.

How do you put photos into an album in Picasa?

You can combine photos from multiple folders into a single album. To create an album: Select the photos to include in the album and put them in the photo tray. In the photo tray, click Add Selected Items to an Album. Select ” New album .” Name the album and click OK. Select the photos to move.

How do I put two photos together on my computer?

Click Menu in the top-left again and select Insert. This time, select the second photo that you want to combine. Drag your second photo all the way to the right. Make sure the photo covers no part of your first photo.

How do you save a photo in Picasa?

Use File > Save for individual pictures (or a group of pictures that you select). You can make a copy of a photo and save it where you want. To create edited copies of a large number of pictures, export your photos. Use File > Save a Copy to export a copy of the photo with all edits, into the same folder.