How do I file a complaint against a taxi?

How do I file a complaint against a taxi?

If you see or hear of any inappropriate driver behaviour, you can report it by calling our customer complaint line on 0343 222 4000, emailing [email protected], or filling in theonline complaints form. If you feel a customer may be in immediate danger, call 999.

Who owns Hong Kong taxis?

Hong Kong taxicabs are the principal taxi service in Hong Kong. Although a few taxis are independently owned and operated, the vast majority are owned by 17 independent taxi companies that rent out taxis on a shift basis to 40,000 self-employed drivers.

Are Hong Kong taxis expensive?

How much is the taxi fare in Hong Kong? The basic fee is HK$24.00, the kilometer price is HK$6.00 – HK$8.50. For standing and waiting time, HK$84.00 is charged per hour.

Where do I report a bad taxi driver?

Dubai Roads and Transport Authority
“No taxi driver can refuse a ride for a short distance,” said Ammar Bin Tamim, Director of Dubai Taxi at the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA). He said passengers should complain to RTA if they have a bad experience with drivers or they are refused a ride.

Can I drive a taxi without badge?

Tourists and others hiring cabs and motorcycles for self-driving will not be required to carry badges if they are holding a domestic driving licence or an international driving permit (IDP), the government said on Monday.

Do Hong Kong taxis take card?

Although some taxis are able/willing to take credit cards and/or octopus cards, this is not the standard yet and cash definitely rules. It is better to have cash and in small denominations. You won’t make friends with the cabbie if you hand him a HK500 or HK1000 note.

What are the three different Colours of taxis in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong Taxis come in three flavors, Red, Green and Blue. The red Hong Kong taxis are the most common, they serve Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, and most everywhere else. There are a few tricks that come into play because of the difference between Kowloon and Hong Kong side, but we will get to that in a minute.

Are Hong Kong taxis safe?

Taxis in Hong Kong are safe, reliable, and well-regulated.

Is Uber cheaper than a taxi in Hong Kong?

Passengers pay less using Uber Taxi compared with UberX. For example, for a trip from Kowloon Tong to Tsim Sha Tsui, Uber Taxi charges HK$62 – HK$13 less than UberX. The fare in a metered taxi is HK$60 to HK$70 depending on the route taken.

Do you tip taxi drivers in Hong Kong?

Tipping is not generally part of Hong Kong’s culture, except in hotels, where tipping is considered mandatory. Hairstylists will usually expect between 5% and 10%, and although taxi drivers don’t expect a tip, it is widely accepted that you should round up to the nearest dollar, or leave an additional dollar, at least.