How do I check my child support payments in Texas?

How do I check my child support payments in Texas?

How to Get an Up-to-Date Record of Your Texas Child Support…

  1. Go to the Texas Attorney General Website and log into your account. Go to the child support division webpage and click the menu icon in the upper right side, and click “Child Support Interactive” (CSI).
  2. Select your case.
  3. Review your payment record.

How do I file a complaint against Texas Attorney General Child Support?

Written complaints should be sent to the field office currently handling the case. If a complaint is received by telephone or in person, child support staff will provide the customer with a Form 1600 (Child Support Complaint Form) to complete and return to the field office.

How do I report unpaid child support in Texas?

Contact the Child Support Division of the Office of the Attorney General of Texas for further assistance at:

  1. (800) 252-8014.
  2. TTY (800) 572-2686.

How do you contact Attorney General in Texas?

Contacting the Texas Attorney General : The Texas Attorney General’s Office is located at 300 W. 15th Street in Austin, Texas 78701. The main department may be reached via telephone at 512-463-2100.

How do you check child support in Texas?

You can check the amount that you owe online or by phone. Access the website of the Texas Attorney General. Select “Child Support” from the top menu, then click the link in the menu on the right to access the “Child Support Interactive” online tool.

How do you file child support in Texas?

Locate the appropriate court. You must file a motion for child support in the county where the child lives. If you live in another state with the child, and the non-custodial parent lives in Texas, then file in the county where the other parent lives.

What is child support customer service phone number?

Child Support Customer Service Helpline. The Child Support Customer Service Helpline may be reached at 888-208-4485. The helpline is a service agency where all calls concerning child support are directed. All calls are received by a trained individual who will be able to look up your account and answer any questions the caller may have.


How much back child support is a felony in Texas?

The charge can increase to a criminal felony and up to two years in prison when child support in Texas hasn’t been paid in two years or the amount owed reaches $10,000 or more. Child support enforcement must begin at the state or local level before proceeding to a federal court.

How can I check my child support balance online?

To start checking your child support payments online, you’ll need to set up an account. For many of the websites, you’ll need your child support case number and/or social security number. The site also may ask you for a court order number, your name, address and other identifying information.

How long do you stay in jail for not paying child support?

That offense is a misdemeanor that can result in up to six months’ imprisonment. If the child support owed exceeds $10,000 or is overdue by more than two years, the offense is a felony that carries up to a two-year prison sentence.

Will I get 3rd stimulus if I owe child support?

Your third stimulus payment can’t be seized to pay child support. Under the CARES Act from March 2020, your first stimulus check could be seized by state and federal agencies to cover past-due child support. And like the second check, your third check cannot be taken to pay overdue child support.

How much does child support pay?

Assuming the child lives with Mom, Dad’s base child support amount payable to Mom would be $400 per month, or 40% of $1,000 . It’s assumed that Mom pays her $600 directly via mortgage or rent payments, grocery bills, and the like. The Melson Formula is used in Delaware, Hawaii, and Montana as of 2019.

How can I get my child support payment history?

You can also get the entire child support payment history mailed or faxed to you (or to your attorney). You have to speak with a customer service agent to make the request. You cannot request the entire history online or through the automated phone system. You need to call the Disbursement Unit’s customer service number at 877-225-7077.

How do you check your child support payments online?

Visit your state’s website. You can find the appropriate website by searching for “your state” and “child support payment online.” Many states use the ExpertPay service website for online payments. Once at the website, look to see how you can create an account. There should be a link.

How can I Check my Child Support case status?

Contacting the office or agency that handles child support cases in your jurisdiction is typically the best way to find out how to check child support status. A representative may provide you with a website address you can visit to check on child support or an automated telephone line you can call for the information you need.