How do I apply for French citizenship?

How do I apply for French citizenship?

How to get French citizenship. You can become a French citizen with all the accompanying rights through either naturalization, marriage, or birth. You must be over 18 and be living in France. It isn’t necessary to renounce your original nationality when you become a French citizen but can have dual nationality.

What level of French is required for French citizenship?

Level B1
To successfully apply for French citizenship you’re expected to demonstrate proficiency in French at a minimum of Level B1 (intermediate). This is the common level across Europe, and is roughly equivalent to GCSE grade A or A*.

Can you get French citizenship through grandparents?

French citizenship can be obtained by descent if at least one parent is a citizen of France, despite the fact the child was not born in France. This means that if your grandmother/grandfather was French, your father or mother will have to register his/her birth certificate before you register your own.

Do you want to become a citizen of France?

Many people who have lived in France for some time are at the point of wanting to become French – to apply for French citizenship.

How much does it cost to apply for French citizenship?

Read the rights and differences (in French). The application cost depends on the reason for the request; it ranges from €269 for family reunification (€250 plus €19 for the duty stamp) to €19 for asylum seekers and veterans. If you already have a one-year residence card and don’t present it at the time of application, you must pay an additional €9.

Where can I apply for permanent residence in France?

How to apply for French permanent residence. You can apply for either French citizenship or permanent residence at your local French préfecture (town hall). They provide information on what documents you need according to your personal situation.

What do I need to get French citizenship after Brexit?

Either way, take a look below to see which method of claiming citizenship is right for you. Post-Brexit, if you’re moving to France from outside the EU, you need to submit an application for a long-stay visa to live in France for longer than 90 days.