How do I add more icons to RocketDock?

How do I add more icons to RocketDock?

Left-click on the icon, and hold the left-click down as you move the icon onto the launch bar. When you are on the launch bar, let up on the left-click button. The icon should appear on RocketDock. Repeat this with the icons for each program that you use, until all your icons are on RocketDock.

How do I add RocketDock to file explorer?

Start ‘Run’ (by pressing [WINDOWS]+[R]), type in ‘shell:AppsFolder’ and press [ENTER]. You’ll now see an Explorer window that shows every app (desktop and modern) that is installed on your computer.

How do I get Windows on my RocketDock?

You just simply do the shortcut trick on a RocketDock icon. Add an empty icon to your dock (if haven’t already) and open its settings. Type ‘explorer.exe’ into the ‘Target’ box and type ‘C:\\Windows’ into the ‘Start in’ box. Replace ‘C:’ with the letter of the drive, you have Windows installed on.

How can I customize the icons on RocketDock?

Customize Icons on Your Dock To customize an icon, simply right-click on the icon you want to customize and select Icon Settings from the popup menu. RocketDock comes with a few icons you can use, but you can download additional icons using the Get More button on the Icon Settings dialog box.

How do I remove RocketDock from my toolbar?

1. If you have not already, you will need to download and install the free program Rocketdock from the following link. 2. Click All Programs and click Microsoft Office 3. Click ‘n’ Drag each Office icon to the Toolbar 4. Right-click the icons on the Toolbar that you no longer need and select Delete It’s as easy as that.

How do I add a Docklet to RocketDock?

To add a docklet to RocketDock, extract the contents of the downloaded file and move or copy the docklet folder to the following folder: If RocketDock is running, exit it by right-clicking anywhere on the dock and selecting Quit. Restart RocketDock and right-click on an empty area of the dock.