How do I access my ParentPay?

How do I access my ParentPay?

Setting up your ParentPay account

  1. Navigate to parentpay.com.
  2. Select Login at the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Enter the username and password (activation codes) provided in your account activation letter and select Login.
  4. Complete the activation as detailed on the screen.

How does ParentPay work in schools?

What does Parent Pay involve? Pupils do not pay for school meals, trips, swimming lessons, music clubs, etc. with cash. ParentPay is an online system which allows parents to pay for these school items online using a credit and/or debit card or to pay cash at local stores through the PayPoint network.

How do I withdraw money from ParentPay?

How do I withdraw money from Parent Account?

  1. Log into your ParentPay account.
  2. From your homepage, Select Parent Account (desktop) or click on the notes symbol (mobile – see image below)
  3. At the bottom of your statement summary, select Withdraw.
  4. Enter an amount between the minimum and maximum shown.
  5. Select Make withdrawal.

Where is Cippenham primary school in Slough Buckinghamshire?

Cippenham Primary School is a happy and vibrant school, placed at the western edge of Slough on the Buckinghamshire border. We have a wonderfully diverse community and work in an atmosphere of shared British values. Our aspirations are clear – to be the school of choice in the area and one of the top performing schools in Slough.

What makes Cippenham school a good place to go?

The Cippenham School is an inspirational place to work and learn. Children work in year groups surrounded by great teams of teachers, leaders, mentors and support staff. This team structure enables us to retain a small school feel even though we are one of the largest primary schools in Slough.

What makes gold rose mat Cippenham a good school?

Our community is wonderfully diverse and together we value respect, trust, positivity, aspiration and uniqueness. Our aspirations are clear – to be the school of choice for parents and staff.