How can I go to SSB from Bangalore?

How can I go to SSB from Bangalore?

In case you arrive by air at Bangalore Airport, you can take a BMTC, Vayu Vajra Bus Route No 6 or 7A. Get down at Manipal Centre, which is 50 Mtrs away from Selection Centre South Bangalore (Ref Map).

How many SSB boards are there in Bangalore?

It has three boards 12, 17 and 24 SSB. 12 SSB was the first board which was raised on 1st April 1949 for selection of candidates for Army and Navy.

What happens in service selection board?

The selection occurs over a five-day process. Day 1 – Screening test, Day 2 – Psychological evaluation, Days 3 and 4 – Group tests, and Day 5 – a compilation of results in conference. A personal interview is also included during the selection period.

Which SSB Centre is best?

Best SSB Coaching Centre in 2021

  • Indian Combat SSB Online Coaching. Indian Combat SSB Online coaching was started with an initiative to provide the best SSB coaching from the comfort of your home.
  • Baalnoi Academy. Locations: Delhi, Jaipur and Dehradun.
  • Minerva Academy.
  • Siegwald Academy.
  • The Cavalier.
  • No frills Academy.

Which is the Service Selection Board in India?

SSB is conducted all over India by the Services Selection Board. You can have furthermore information about the board and its address here. Here we provide you with all the Centres for SSB Interview throughout the country:-

How is Services Selection Board ( SSB ) in Cavalier India?

Services Selection Board (SSB) processes the candidates through projective tests, interviews and group situation tests in order to determine their suitability as potential defence officers. The Training and Development at Cavalier India is designed to bring the best out of a candidate.

How to contact Services Selection Board ( SSB )?

Here are the contact details of all SSB and concerned branches for your convenience, if you feel any difficulty while applying or anything related to SSB interview, you can contact the respective concerned branch mentioned below. For any further query, contact IHQ-MOD (N)/DMPR at 011-23010151 / 23011282 / 23010097.

Which is the selection board of B Angalore?

B angalore Board or Selection Center South has three Boards which are 12SSB, 17SSB and 24SSB, the first board i.e 12SSB was raised on April 1, 1949 which shortlists candidates for Army and Navy. An additional board 24SSB was raised in December 1962 and the third board 17 SSB was shifted from Roorkee in March 1976.