Does Sims 3 run well on MacBook Air?

Does Sims 3 run well on MacBook Air?

The current Sims 3 is a 32 bit software and is no longer supported on the latest macOS. You best bet would be downgrade to macOS Mojave or install Windows on bootcamp.

How do I make my Sims 3 game full screen?

Re: The Sims 3 Screen Size You can try to switch to windowed mode through a cheat. Once you are in windowed mode you should be able to move the game window and change the size by moving the edges around. Type “fullscreen off” into that line and hit the enter button.

How do I get full screen on MacBook Air?

On your Mac, move the pointer to the green button in the top-left corner of the window, then choose Enter Full Screen from the menu that appears or click the button . In full screen, do any of the following: Show or hide the menu bar: Move the pointer to or away from the top of the screen.

How do you fullscreen full screen on a Mac?

How to go full screen on a Mac

  1. Press Control + Command + F.
  2. If your volume controls aren’t bound to it, press F11.

Can a MacBook Air play The Sims 3?

I was also wondering if my MacBook air will run the sims 3 properly. I have an external disc drive and have installed the base game, seasons and pets. For some reason, when I open the launcher and hit ‘play’, it just opens a plumbob loading screen but never launches.

Why is Sims 3 not working on my Mac?

If you have one of the following Macs the chances are The Sims 3 doesn’t work for you. You can probably load the Launcher but the game gets stuck on the blue screen with the green plumbob.

What to do if Sims 3 freezes on Mac?

In the highly likely event of your game freezing/hanging you can then click anywhere on the desktop and go to the Apple logo, top left, and select Force Quit. This will save you having to power off your Mac using the power switch (which can damage the HD).

How to make Sims 3 graphics work on Mac?

Now go to Applications > The Sims 3, right click on The Sims 3 base game and select Show Package Contents. Navigate to Contents > Resources > transgaming > c_drive > Program Files > Electronic Arts > The Sims 3 > Game > Bin and copy and paste the GraphicsCards.sgr and GraphicsRules.sgr files onto your desktop.