Do you send a press release before an event?

Do you send a press release before an event?

Event Press Releases When promoting an event, send a release as far in advance as possible. Follow up a week before, a couple of days before, and the same day. But only to the highly targeted journalists who have a track record of covering similar events.

What time is it best to send a press release to a daily newspaper?

Tuesday is the best time to send your press release, followed by Thursday. The worst day to send your PR is on Friday. Similarly, the best time to send your press release is early in the morning – at 9:00 am to be exact, or later in the day at 8:00pm in Eastern Standard Time.

Is Friday a good day for a press release?

Mondays are popular, but Tuesdays even more so. MarketWire registers the most number of press releases on Tuesdays. Fridays are the least busy day during the work week, and almost nothing comes over the wire on the weekends. The 8 to 9 AM ET times are when MarketWire is deluged with new press releases.

When should you not send a press release?

You should also avoid afternoons (2–6 pm) when only 26% of all messages get viewed. Issue your press releases after 6 pm only if you find it absolutely necessary! You’ll stand out from your competition if you refrain from sending out your press release on the hour or even on the half-hour (e.g. 10 am or 1:30 pm).

What is the best day/time to issue a press release?

The Best Time and Day to Send Your Press Release for Best Results The best day to send your press release is Tuesday, followed by Wednesday The best time to send your press release is at 9:00 am, or 8:00 pm in Eastern standard time Know the timezone of your location and your recipient’s.

What is the best way to distribute a press release?

Creating a Distribution Plan Use links effectively. One of the easiest ways to give your press release the largest possible audience is by linking to several outside sources in the text of your release, like this: Add a Link to WordPress. Send your press releases out a few minutes past the hour.

When is the best day to submit a press release?

In conclusion, the best days to send a press release is Monday through Friday – do not send a press release on the weekends.

How often should you send press releases?

How often should you send press releases? Frequently sharing your news is a great way to get a journalist’s attention and your brand name recognised. Sending a release every other week or once a month will help you become familiar in a journalist’s inbox. However, small businesses rarely have this amount of news.