Did Howard Hughes date Faith Domergue?

Did Howard Hughes date Faith Domergue?

In 1942, Domergue began an intermittent relationship with Howard Hughes. After she discovered that Hughes was also seeing Ava Gardner, Rita Hayworth, and Lana Turner, the couple broke up in 1943. On January 28, 1946, Domergue married bandleader Teddy Stauffer at the San Diego Superior Courthouse.

What did Faith Domergue die from?

Faith Domergue/Cause of death

How do you pronounce Faith Domergue?

In 1945 Faith reclaimed her original name, Domergue (insisting it be pronounced “Dah-mure”) and, by the following year, made her screen debut in Young Widow (1946), a film starring another Hughes find, Jane Russell.

When was Faith Domergue born?

June 16, 1924
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Where did Faith Domergue live most of her life?

Sultry, brunette Faith Domergue was born in New Orleans, part Creole, but primarily of Irish and English extraction. She was adopted when she was six weeks old. In 1927 her adoptive parents took her to live in California, where she was educated at Catholic schools in Santa Monica.

What did Faith Domergue do to six GIs?

The bizarre tale cast Domergue as leader of an Asiatic cult of snake-worshippers, able to transform themselves into snakes at will. When six GIs photograph a secret ceremony she puts a fatal curse on them, and they are then killed by the exotic snake-lady.

What did Faith Domergue do in Santa Fe Passage?

In 1955, Domergue appeared in another Western, Santa Fe Passage, playing an ammunition retailer opposite John Payne and George Keymas. Domergue then appeared in a series of science fiction, monster, and horror films.

Who was the actor that played Faith Domergue?

It starred Domergue in the role as a homicidal femme fatale, opposite Robert Mitchum as the lover she manipulates into taking the blame for her murdering millionaire hubby Claude Rains.