Can you swim in Bedok Reservoir?

Can you swim in Bedok Reservoir?

Bedok Reservoir is about the size of 135 football fields and can hold enough water to fill 5000 Olympic sized swimming pools. Here are 5 recreational activities that you can do at Bedok Reservoir and its park.

Can I Kayak in Singapore River?

You can go kayaking in permitted places like the Singapore River, Macritchie Reservoir, and Siloso Beach. Here kayaking rentals are available for tourists.

Do you need a license to kayak in Singapore?

Presently, any individual or organisation in Singapore who wishes to own any canoes or kayaks are required to apply for a licence from the MPA. Canoes and kayaks managed and rented by commercial operators are licensed and inspected annually and this will be continued.

Where is Bedok Reservoir water from?

The reservoir has a surface area of 88 ha. The Sungei Seletar/Bedok Water Scheme was initiated primarily to meet the increasing demand for fresh water in the eastern parts of Singapore. Under this scheme, storm water collected from urban catchments would be the main source of raw water, unlike earlier water schemes.

Where is the best place to go kayaking in Singapore?

Bedok Reservoir is another great spot in Singapore where one can go kayaking. The reservoir is mostly frequented by locals and on the weekends, neighbouring residents flock in. This guarantees the reservoir a safe place for families and friends to have fun.

How old do you have to be to go kayaking in Singapore?

MacRitchie Reservoir is one of four reservoirs that make up the Central Catchment Nature Reserve, and is a fantastic place to observe nature while kayaking with family. Yes – anyone, including children age 10 years old and above can get a chance to experience kayaking here (only requirement is that kids have to be accompanied by adults).

Can you rent a kayak for a day?

Imagine a fun-filled day of kayaking or canoeing with family and friends. You can wind your way through the waters and bask in our nature habitat. Your aquatic adventure begins with renting a kayak or canoe from any of the following:

Where to rent a water sports centre in Singapore?

Visit Singapore Sports Hub Water Sports Centre website for more information. Visit the SCF website for more information on rental. We encourage everyone to be considerate and to ensure that your actions do not cause inconvenience to others. We should do our part in keeping the environment clean.