Can you shoot Magpie Geese?

Can you shoot Magpie Geese?

You can hunt on public and private land. You must have permission from the landholder or occupier to enter and hunt on private property, Crown land, pastoral land or Aboriginal land.

Where do Magpie Geese go in the dry season?

Late in the wet season, when the young birds can fly, the Magpie Geese migrate to permanent waters where they spend the dry season.

Are Magpie Geese protected in NT?

In the Northern Territory, the Magpie Goose is classified as ‘protected wildlife’ under the Territory Parks and Wildlife Conservation Act 2006. The species is subject to an annual waterfowl hunting season under this Act.

Is there a Magpie Goose?

The Magpie Goose is widespread throughout coastal northern and eastern Australia. It can be seen from Fitzroy River, Western Australia, through northern Australia to Rockhampton, Queensland, and has been extending its range into coastal New South Wales to the Clarence River and further south.

When is magpie geese season in Northern Territory?

This page has the latest information on the 2019 waterfowl hunting season in the Northern Territory (NT). If you have a permit you can hunt waterfowl for 15 weeks from 25 September 2019 until 6 January 2020. Daily bag limit During the declared season the limit for magpie geese is seven birds per person, per day.

Do you need a permit to hunt magpie geese?

You must have a permit to hunt for magpie geese and waterfowl on: public land including hunting reserves from Wednesday 23 September. Read about magpie geese and waterfowl hunting permits. During the declared season, there is a bag limit for magpie geese and waterfowl. The daily bag limit is: other listed waterfowl – 10 birds per person, per day.

How tall do you have to be to catch a magpie goose?

Harvest an airborne Magpie Goose under 15 meters (Approx. 49 feet) without using a Waterfowl Blind. Use the Magpie Goose Short Range Caller to get the geese to fly close, then step out of the waterfowl blind for the shot.

How are magpie geese different from other waterfowl?

Unlike most waterfowl, magpie geese do not lose (molt) their flight feathers all at once, therefore they are never left flightless. Some researchers believe that this makes the magpie goose more closely related to screamers than are other waterfowl.