Can you broadcast a podcast live?

Can you broadcast a podcast live?

Shows are broadcast live through online software to an audience who are listening to the podcast as you record it. There are many different online software packages that allow you to do this and there are advantages of live podcasting.

Where can I live stream my podcast?

There are other tools on the market that’ll enable you to run your podcast as a live broadcast. YouTube Live, Facebook Live and Zoom are 3 popular options that almost everyone has heard of. These aren’t podcast-specific platforms so they can be limited in some ways.

How do I start a live podcast?

Feel free to get out a notebook or a whiteboard so you can start planning your podcast like a pro.

  1. Choose A Topic.
  2. Pick A Co-host (optional)
  3. Choose A Name.
  4. Show Format.
  5. Create Cover Art.
  6. Get A Professional Intro (Optional)
  7. Choose Intro Music.
  8. Get A Microphone.

Where can I find free podcasts?

The iTunes Podcast page in the iTunes Store lets you browse, find, preview, and subscribe to podcasts, most of which are free. To find podcasts in the iTunes Store, do one of the following: Click the Podcasts tab at the top of the iTunes Store page. The iTunes Store displays the Podcast page, with advertisements for popular podcasts.

What is the news podcast?

News podcasts are a great way to stay up-to-date on current events due to the medium’s ability to let you listen to episodes at home, on your way to work, while in the gym, or even while traveling. While some news programs do have a reputation for being all about shock and controversy, there’s a growing number of quality news podcasts that pride themselves on being unbiased, balanced, and neutral when it comes to major issues and are also 100% free of fake news.

What is a podcast station?

Podcast Station was built on VoxPro–a telephone audio editor for radio stations that was originally made for the Macintosh and later brought to the PC. Imagine being able to interview guests, record your show with live callers, add multiple sound clips that fade in and out, and queue music.

What is a podcast service?

­Podcasting is a free service that allows Internet users to pull audio files (typically MP3s) from a podcasting Web site to listen to on their computers or personal digital audio players. The term comes from a combination of the words iPod (a personal digital audio player made by Apple) and broadcasting.