Can a fetco extractor be retrofitted with CSD?

Can a fetco extractor be retrofitted with CSD?

Fewer service calls means more time producing revenue. Retrofit Kits Available. FETCO® EXTRACTOR® coffee brewers and tea equipment that have a metal spray plate can be easily retrofitted with a CSD to update equipment quickly and efficiently, with no downtime. Funnel Technology

Why is my fetco not brewing half batches?

Half batch isn’t used properly – Use a smaller brew basket for the half batch or do not use half batches for brewing beverages. Water softener being used – The water softener could be preventing the grounds from saturating. Move the brewer to a water line that isn’t softened.

When do fetco coffee brewer parts come out?

Parts Town offers same day shipping on in-stock Fetco coffee brewer parts until 9 PM ET Monday-Friday and all online air orders until 4 PM ET Saturday, so you can repair or maintain your equipment quickly. We also have a large collection of resources available online.

What to do if your fetco Brewer is missing the sprayhead?

Sprayhead is missing – Make sure to replace or reattach the sprayhead assembly to the machine. Doses are incorrect – Measure and double check that the right amount of coffee is being brewed. Using multiple filters – Only one piece of filter paper should be used.

Why is fetco food equipment company so important?

FETCO equipment is designed and built to standards well above most others on the market today, delivering significant energy savings when compared to similar competitor’s products. Dynamic on-screen graphics provide quick, direct interaction with internal controls and helps save time with efficient navigation through set-up and programming

What kind of coffee machine does fetco use?

One Machine, Many Options Fresh brewed coffee and iced tea from one small footprint. Fetco’s patented cascading spray dome and Extractor programming ensures great quality beverages whether it is hot coffee, iced coffee or iced tea.

What are the features of fetco hot water dispensing system?

Elegantly styled, feature-rich hot water dispensing with touchscreen control, exclusive FETCO design soft silcone tap, advanced diagnostics and SD card slot for quick software updates and maintenance Cascading Spray Dome Technology Find products with this feature